J. J. PATEL GROUP, the one source for all your manufacturing needs, leads the industry in customer satisfaction by providing a complete range of high-quality manufacturing services to streamline your product planning and expedite your production schedules. From product development to prototyping, from tooling design to precision manufacturing, from state-of-the-art production to guaranteed delivery, rely on J. J. PATEL GROUP to handle every phase of your project. We have the training, the equipment and the expertise to deliver fast, effective solutions to even your most challenging applications with our operations and logistical infrastructure in India.


In all our manufacturing units, systems & procedures based on TPM, TQM and Lean Manufacturing are used to ensure that quality levels are on par with the best in the world.

We focus directly on local developments for our major customers and develop components, assemblies, and products customized to individual needs and requirements through Machining, Fabrication and Casting operations, and which are meant for use in various Automobile, Marine, Industrial, Agricultural, Electrical, Infrastructure, Heavy Equipment, ship Building, Steel Structures, Steel Furniture and General Engineering industries.

We are dedicated to service and partnership. We make it our business to understand your business. We listen to your needs and then work with you to develop proactive, cost effective solutions to all your manufacturing needs.

Markets (Domestic & Overseas)

We have been catering the domestic and overseas market since long and are certified as approved manufacturer of "Critical Application Components" for many national and multinational companies. Further we have under us highly efficient ISO 9001 : 2000 certified manufacturing units who work for us. Through which we cater to the needs of OEM Manufacturers, Aftermarket and Export Orders.

We develop and manufacture various engineering products by Casting, Machining, and Fabrication processes and are available under our brand "POWER" in the domestic & overseas market. An extensive distribution network, a retail network spanning the entire country and a stable pricing policy ensure that our operations remain perceptive and proactive to the dynamics of the market.


Our products call for a high degree of accuracy in Engineering and Manufacturing, We have always been able to maintain quality standard of our product and hence has acquired a formidable reputation. The company's brand name "POWER" has created a niche for itself and is kept in the forefront through innovative marketing and advertising campaigns to suit different markets.

R & D

The company continues to advance into the 21st Century by meeting the changing demands of the Original Equipment Manufacturer by utilizing extensive product testing techniques to deliver a consistently higher level of performance and lasting quality.

The R&D engineers creating concepts and products through a direct exchange of views and experience amongst themselves and with our customers. Continuous research and development ensures that our products are constantly on the forefront of technological progress.


Having an upper hand with regards to Cost & Quality to compete in any market. Such professionalism has resulted in a worldwide network covering 9 countries in 4 continents. The greatest endorsement for our products is the unending list of satisfied customers.

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