Welding & Fabrication Operation

The company has invested in 21st century's Welding and Fabrication technology. Our innovative and experienced ITI certified welders assemble fabrications for a variety of industries. In recognition of the standard of its work, the company has been awarded the Certificate of Merit by "WASMO" The Project of Netherlands Government.

We assist in most Fabrications and Coded Welding needs both in New Build and Maintenance Projects and provide a comprehensive Shop Fabrication and Site Fabrication Service to local, national and international ground.

Our facilities satisfy the most stringent customer requirements. Large or small, intricate or simple, from prototype to production, quality is guaranteed.

Our extra unique facilities include:

  • Installation & Erection: once the system has been designed and we have manufactured its components, our skilled team will install the system for you with all specified standards.

  • The facility can provide for performing Stress Reliving, Blasting & Painting, etc.

Machining Operation

Machining unit is dedicated to provide precision engineering components. This dedication is visible in performing various application engineering works. Our services and capabilities range from prototype to production and are as varied as our customer requirements

Our capabilities permit the completion of complex parts to maximum specifications with the number of set-ups and a minimum amount of waste of material. Our products have achieved ‘Zero Defect Recognition’ from our valued customer.

Our extra unique facilities include:

  • Heat-treating, plating and painting are provided as per requirement.

  • Rust preventive material like red oxide, oil coating are given to the machined surface of the product just prior to the packing wherever necessary.

Casting Operation


The company specializes in supplying high integrity any grade of ferrous, non ferrous and alloy metal castings with different types of Centrifugal casting, Die casting, Investment casting, Shell and Sand casting techniques.

We have been catering to a host of Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Industry sectors like Earth Moving, Mining, Mineral Processing & Crushing, Steel Plants, Electrical and Instrumentation, Oil Field Equipment (OFE), Shipping and Valves & Pumps and General Engineering.

Our extra unique facilities include:

  • We also supply casting with different coatings for example - anodizing, galvanizing, nickel plating, powder coating, etc.
  • We can supply Replacement Parts too, to industries like Mining, Mineral Processing and Crushing, Cement, Steel Plants and General Engineering, etc.

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