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Registered Office :


plot no. 5, Shiv Society,

Opp. Natural Park, Airodram Road,

Bhavnagar - 364001

Gujarat, India.

Phone no. : +91-9824879359, +91-9824866229

E-mail - office@sambandhimpex.com



UK. Operation :

London, UK.

Phone :+44-7702611499

E-mail - uk@sambandhimpex.com



24 Hour Availability :

we value the time are our clients devote to our service and hence we always look forward in providing them the best service.

E-mail - care@sambandhimpex.com

phone : +91-9824879359



Banker :

Address:- 2140, Shivshakti,

Waghawadi Road, Bhavnagar -364002.

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